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Starflex Products - Semi metallic - Tooth profile
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The Tooth profile gasket is a concentrically serrated metal core bonded on each face with a soft sealing material. The soft sealing material provides low stress seating. The metallic tooth core provides stability to withstand high pressures. The tooth profile gasket is recommended for heat exchangers and other large diameter gasket applications where spiral wound gaskets are delicate to handle, can get deformed on high bolt loads and have stress retention limitations during cyclic movements in large diameter flanges.
Fillers Starflon/PTFE 260 °C Rated to Class 2500 Flanges
Stargraf 500 °C
Metals SS 304 537 °C
Sheet size Nil 815 °C
Can be provided with or without outer locator ring to suite different flange profiles.
Design Factors
m = 2
y = 2,500 psi
Recommended Surface Finish
125 - 250 rms